Most of us believe conversation is so innate to our being that it does not require formal lessons or training.

1What Is Structured Conversation?
A structured conversation is a method for the transfer of specific informational elements, typically through a collaborative conversation. It is any goal-oriented conversation that requires an exchange of specific informational elements.
2Why is structured conversation so important?
Structured conversation is employed in every business conversation, in every medical conversation. It is employed in every 911 (emergency) call for help or assistance. It is an essential tool for police and military, pilots, and lawyers. It is the tool used by every artist (contractor, software designer, etc.) producing on behalf of a client, customer or employer. In fact, it is an essential tool to achieve the objectives of our home life.
3Is structured conversation similar to other communicative tools taught in schools?
No. Students are taught writing skills—classically, the various forms of essay. Some students explore journalism, or learn to debate. Structured conversation requires one to anticipate the pertinent informational objectives and transfer such information clearly, concisely and appropriately to the dialogue.
4Join the educational campaign!
Most people are not aware of the informational objectives of important conversations that can affect their life, health and finances. An educational campaign to introduce students to the method of structured conversation is essential, so that their most important conversations can be more meaningful and productive.